What Our Patients Are Saying

Best care in Pennsylvania. Say goodbye to Pain Parkinsons and Perkisets. Call and speak with Chris to make an appointment. Then sign up for Patient ID # online PA.GOV, then bring your medical records to your appointment. Jenn the office manager is an incredible person and runs the office very professional and efficient. No matter how, get your suffering loved one’s to this office for a medical evaluation and see if you qualify for the Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Cost of the visit is $225.00 for the visit. Parking is free and close (30 second walk)
Enjoy good health and love one another. Ps. Thanks for your help Doctor!

– Grandpa’s Garage


We are thankful for green medical to hit a home run for helping patients get informed in Pennsylvania on Medical Marijuana. Parkinson’s and a list that is 18 major problems that contain 18,000 major ailments.

We suggest to go online and register for a Patient ID #, then call and make an appointment with these wonderful medical professionals and get on the road to a better quality of life, time to start living again.

Blessings and love to all

– Beardsleys Services


They did a wonderful job at the Pittsburgh office, along with their Doctor, staff and support groups to get my husband the additional help he needs for his tremors. They are an amazing group of people to work with and don’t let the temporary space they are currently using to deter you from going there. It was a very professional and enjoyable experience.

– Rebecca Holt


I was in the King of Prussia office on a Thursday. Dr Magill and the entire staff were great!!!! I received my payment portal the same day and made payment. I will be receiving my card with one week of my appt. Amazing!!! I’m telling everyone !!!!!!

– Brian Salov


“Extremely helpful and pleasant staff. From Brianna on the initial phone appointment set up to Patricia at the office getting me signed in.. It was a stress free experience.. Highly recommend since in my county most doctors on the lists aren’t accepting new patients I opted to go out of county to Pa Green and never once regretted my choice.. Dr Magill was so nice and made me feel cared for. All in all my recommendation is don’t bother making all the calls to find someone local and call Pa Green first.. Their office is easy to get to from the Lancaster area.. Call them first, you won’t regret it!!”

– Kimbra Huber


Staff was very helpful with getting thru paperwork. They were very friendly. My one concern was the length of time waiting for Dr Magill. Please give clients a list of steps along with time frames to use if approved for cannibus use. Would cut down on phone calls.

– carol souders

Start with John and Steph and they can’t be more accommodating and friendly, I’m sur e they don’t have to do this but you can see their passion to help people, thank you. The Dr. couldn’t be nicer or more helpful and informative. It was an all around pleasant experience and I definitely recommend.

– Rick Tavani

Place was nice and people were nicer. Excellent experience

– Leonard Knobbs

“Had my visit with Dr. Magill in his Harrisburg location – He works in Harrisburg, PA and King of Prussia, PA and helps patients review their medical records for the State of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana card program. It was very easy to make an appointment and ever though the office was very busy with patients, my appointment was on time and within 10 minutes we saw the doctor and he reviewed our medical records. Very easy to schedule and see the doctor. Would highly recommend!”

– Jesse in Johnson

“PA Green Medical and Dr Magill were great in helping my father to get his Pennsylvania Medical marijuana review. I highly recommend both PA Green Medical and Dr. Magill to anyone looking for a doctors review of their medical records for the PA medical marijuana program.. The office is very nice and it was very easy to make an appointment.”

Beth James

“There never was or will be another Dr. as dedicated as Richard Magill. My husband and I were always completely satisfied with every aspect of our medical needs while we had him as our family Dr. “

Ginger Fishel

“I had an excellent experience with PA. Green Medical in King of Prussia. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them “

– Stephen F

“You all have been great! I appreciate the way everyone went outta their way, Specially stephanie! The one thing I would suggest is the registration with the state. I got lucky and was able to get on a computer. Not everyone has a computer and you can’t register by cell phone. Maybe, while the patient is in the office, you could provide a outer to get this registration completed and you would have that 4 digit # you asked for. Thank you for doing the footwork that shouldn’t have been a thing at all. But, times are a changing! Thanks to all! “

– Mark T

“Our dealing with the company was very good, Stephanie in particular was very patient helpful and compassionate! John took us through the process quickly and answered all of our questions! Last but not least, the doctor was a professional and kindly gentleman who listened to my concerns and more than satisfactorily helped me to comprehend How this program may help me with my medical issues. Sincerest thanks”

– Carmen G.

“Thank You! I just want to say. John,Dr. Magill Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. as you know I lost 3 Three Beautiful Boys.My Psychiatrist, had tried 17 different medicines for me over the last 30 years. I Suffer from “PTSD” Not One!! Medication has Taken my nightmares and FlashBacks and all the other “Horrific Symptoms”away. Marijuana has been the only natural,Safest Medicine that has Relieved these Symptoms. I will be getting my Card in a couple of weeks. I registered with the State, Called Green Medical. Saw Dr.Magill. Dr. Magill approved me for Medical Marijuana. I will be getting my my Card in a couple of weeks.”

– Jeffrey K.

“We went to PA Green Medical because of Parkinson’s Disease, one of the qualifying conditions for getting into the PA Medical Marijuana Program. First, The PA Green Medical offices are absolutely lovely. The location is convenient and parking is abundant and easy. We were greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable Green Medical Team. Everyone smiled and welcomed us. John, the Office Manager, was especially kind, considerate and eager to help. Dr, Magill was lovely. We understand that, as the program is new, the process of getting certified for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania can be tedious and aggravating. Our experience confirmed this because, somehow, Pennsylvania was unable to locate our filed internet application. Fortunately we were with PA Green Medical. John was positively amazing. He traced our application and got us the required 4 digit confirmation number needed to finalize our application. This saved us many, many, many hours of telephone aggravation. We are most appreciative. We highly recommend PA Green Medical.”

– Marshall S.