5 Simple Steps to Renew Your

Medical Marijuana Card

A year after your medical marijuana card has been issued, you’ll be required by the state to renew your certification.  In order to renew you’ll need to renew online with the state after you’ve seen a medical marijuana doctor.   We’ve outline all the steps below with some tips for renewal. If you need a hand or you’re ready to schedule your appointment, call us today!


Step #1

Book an appointment with us

If it’s getting close to the 1 year date since you got your medical marijuana card, chances are you’ve received a reminder from both us and the state, urging you to make an appointment for renewal. You can start the renewal process by calling 1-888-399-0329 to book your appointment.

Step #2

Fill out the renewal survey

After you’ve booked your appointment for renewal, you can fill out our survey at any time.  This needs to be completed before our doctors can complete your medical marijuana card renewal. If you don’t get a chance to do it before your appointment, you can also do it in our offices.

Step #3

Renew your patient ID number

At some point before your appointment, you’re going to need to renew your Patient ID number with the state. To do that, log into the patient portal on the PA website and answer a few simple questions.  This step must be completed before you see the doctor.

Step #4

Get your new medical marijuana card

After your appointment, the state will  send you a new medical marijuana card.  Please Remember: You will not to be able to use your old card once the process has been started.

Step #5

Let us know how we did!

Reviews help other people hear about your experience. After your appointment, we’d love to hear your feedback! It’s easy and can be done in only a few minutes online.

Drop Us a Line: 1-888-399-0329